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The moment we pass under the Arco da Porta Nova, we sense that our Braga free tour truly begins. It is symbolic, since the monument bears the signature of one of the great names in the city's history, André Soares, and was sponsored by another great figure in Braga's history, Bishop D. Diogo de Sousa. The Arco da Porta Nova never had a door, giving the impression that the city has its door eternally open to visitors who pass by here. 

Founded in 16 BC, the city of Braga is older than the country itself, and became the capital of the province of Galécia in the fourth century and a relevant urban pole of the Roman Empire. Naturally, Roman heritage is everywhere, from the most recent excavations to the remains of various Roman dwellings, from the archaeological museum to the Roman baths, from the names of bars to the statue of Julius Caesar. On our Braga free tour, as we walk through the granite slabs of Rua do Souto, we soon realize that history lurks around every corner. The history i...



Best Places to Visit in Braga

The vast majority of things to do in Braga are discovered in our free tours. Additionally, we recommend a visit to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Sameiro.

  • Sé de Braga

  • Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary

  • Jardins de Santa Bárbara

  • Palácio do Raio

  • Theatro Circo

  • Antigo Paço Episcopal

  • Arcada da Lapa

  • Igreja de Santa Cruz

  • Basílica dos Congregados

  • Torre de Menagem

  • Igreja de São Marcos

  • Museu da Imagem

  • Igreja do Pópulo

  • Termas Romanas do Alto da Cividade

  • Arco da Porta Nova

  • Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Sameiro

Where to sleep in Braga

There are several hotels in Braga to choose from and the city has alternatives for all tastes and wallets. Braga was elected the second best European destination in 2019 and that same year Unesco awarded Bom Jesus do Monte the World Heritage title. Take Braga's recommendations are suggestions made by bracarenses and foreigners, opinions of those who know the city's hotel offer. We don't want you to just enjoy the city with our free tour of Braga, we really want you to enjoy everything we have to offer to the maximum.

  • Burgus Tribute & Design Hotel | €€€ | Rua Dom Afonso Henriques 20-28

  • Villa Gale Collection Braga | €€ | Largo Carlos Amarante

  • Sé Guesthouse | €€ | Rua Dom Paio Mendes, 43

  • Hotel do Parque | €€ | Bom Jesus do Monte

  • Domus 26 Guesthouse | €€ | Avenida S. Miguel o Anjo, 26

  • Sé INN Suites | €€ | Rua Dom Gualdim Pais 6-8

  • iN Braga Hostel | € | Rua da Boavista, 21

  • Dans L'Atelier Hostel | € | Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque 47

Where to eat in Braga

Ask anyone. You eat a lot and well north of the Douro river and Braga is no exception. From old and unpretentious taverns to contemporary environments, all these restaurants in Braga do justice to the famous gastronomy of the Minho.

The suggestions that Take Braga proposes here are free of commission or commercial agreement. What we hope is that you enjoy everything this city has to offer besides our Braga free walking tours. Also in this case the impressions are a mixture of advice from city residents and opinions from tourists who have done one of our free tours in Braga.

  • Taberna do Lebre | Rua de Covas 61 Celeirós | 253 188 927

  • pPlace - Restaurant & Cocktail Bar | Rua D. Paio Mendes, 89 | 253 213 842

  • Ai o alho - Wines and snacks | Rua Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro n. 56 | 939 064 900

  • Tasca do Carregal | Avenida do Carregal, 162 -r/c | 933 519 915

  • São Frutuoso | Costa Gomes Street, 168 | 253 623 372

  • Sé Kitchen | Rua Dom Frei Caetano Brandão 129 | 253 277 343

  • Bira dos Namorados | Rua D. Gonçalo Pereira, 85 | 253 039 571

  • Diana Restaurant | Rua Dom Frei Caetano Brandão, 172 | 253 299 801

  • Cruz Sobral | Campo das Hortas 7 | 253 616 648

How to get to Braga by Car

Braga is 55 kilometers from Porto, 25 kilometers from Guimarães and 169 kilometers from Vigo (Spain). We recommend that you organize your trip with the Google Maps route planner. There is a parking lot next to the Cathedral, the Parque Campo da Vinha with capacity for 1300 places ( The price for 5 hours between 8am and 8pm is 6.10 Euros. The option for the parking meter in the streets near the historical center of Braga is cheaper, since it costs only 80 cents per hour but come prepared with coins.

How to get to Braga by Train

From Porto there are trips to and from Braga at least every hour and the train leaves from São Bento station. Depending on the departure time, the trip with fewer stops lasts about 54 minutes and the one with more stops lasts about 71 minutes. The price per person is the same for both trips, 3.25 euros. Please check CP's website for the times here:

From Guimarães there are trips to and from Braga every hour and the train leaves from Guimarães station. Depending on the departure time, the trip with fewer stops lasts about 75 minutes and the one with more stops lasts about 120 minutes. The price per person is the same for both trips, 3.55 euros. Please consult the schedules on CP's website here:

Upon arrival at the station, the walk to the meeting point of our free tour of Braga takes about 5 minutes (500 meters).

How to get to Braga by Bus

The bus trip can be a little faster than the train trip but the available time does not allow you to arrive in time for our free tour in Braga. Unfortunately, we do not recommend this option.







If you’re looking for the best of Braga in one day, our Braga Free Tour is definitely the best tour for you. This free tour is a great intro to this surprising city and you’ll get to see Braga’s historical center most important sites in one single tour.


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