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Christmas in Lisbon - It's the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas in Lisbon has always been lived in a very special way. Nativity scene,

Christmas tree, codfish, “azevias”, “bolo-rei”, plenty of Santas, gift exchanges,

Christmas lights. Christmas in Lisbon is lived intensely and is one of the best

times of the year to visit the capital of the country. To give you a hand, Take

Free Tours dressed up as Santa and decided to give you an early Christmas

present: what to do for Christmas in Lisbon in 2022. Needless to say, adding to

all the activities and tips below, you can always join our Lisbon free tours.

Christmas Markets in Lisbon

We have always been and always will be ardent supporters of local commerce

and the Christmas Markets in Lisbon are no exception. Quite the contrary. If you

want to experience Christmas in Lisbon you can't miss these open air malls

where you can get to know and taste the best that Portugal has to offer.

Although there are several markets spread throughout the city, we leave you

here our top 5 Christmas Markets in Lisbon.

Rossio Christmas Market (until the December 21st)

Held in Praça D. Pedro V, it is considered one of the most charismatic

Christmas markets in Lisbon. The stalls are spread around the square covering

part of the most emblematic Portuguese pavement of the city and we can

discover delicious regional products, taste typical drinks and traditional dishes

of the Christmas season, and also buy handmade clothes and decorations. The

Rossio Christmas Market has a very special attraction that we trust will please

all ages: the free Lisbon Christmas Train. All you have to do is make a purchase

at one of the Rossio Christmas Market stalls and ask the vendors for the access

voucher. The departure point is in front of Café Nicola and the train only starts

after the bells ring. The trip lasts about 15 minutes and we can hear several

Christmas carols. The first train leaves at 12h00 and there are trips throughout

the afternoon. Another must-see is the Hospital das Bonecas Christmas

Exhibition, which marks over 190 years of existence in downtown Lisbon with

the exhibition of their vast collection of dolls.

Campo Pequeno Christmas Market (until December 11th)

There is still time to discover and support small Portuguese producers and

creators in the Lifestyle & Gourmet period. This Christmas market in Lisbon is a

celebration of Portuguese creativity and gastronomy. Clothing from emerging

designers, contemporary handcrafted furniture, unusual jewellery, award-

winning wines, traditional sweets, gins and craft beers, the Campo Pequeno

Christmas Market has everything you need to give to those who have been

good this year.

The price, per day, is 2€ (children under 10 years old do not pay) and the

market is open between 11am and 10pm (except Wednesdays and Fridays,

when the hours are shorter - from 5pm to 10pm).

Wonderland Lisboa (until January 1st)

Wonderland Lisboa (until January 1st)

Lisbon's main Christmas market is located in Parque Eduardo VII. Entry to the

enclosure is free, which is both good news and bad news. In fact, one of the

main complaints of Wonderland Lisboa is the endless queues to get into the

park but this year the enclosure is even bigger.

The main attractions of Wonderland Lisboa are back, everything that is beyond

indispensable to celebrate a fantastic Christmas in Lisbon: the 18-meter high

Christmas tree, the giant wheel, the 800 square meters ice rink, the Parisian

carriages or Santa’s Village. As we talked about the market, you can also find

handicrafts, regional products, sweets and some traditional Portuguese snacks.

As we said, the activities are endless and you can have a truly magical

Christmas morning or afternoon in Lisbon:

- The Ice Rink, also with free admission, has a capacity of up to 120 people and

after putting on your skates, it's 20 minutes to show off your skills.

- The Parisian merry-go-rounds, with prices starting at 2€ and which turn the

heads of the young and the old alike.

- The Wonderland Kids area, where the youngest children can play (there are

several games tables and a painting and drawing area), listen to stories or even

write down their wishes. All this always in the company of entertainers so that

parents can shop with peace of mind to make the most of their Christmas in


- Santa’s Village, which even has the now classic photo with Santa Claus, and it

is free of charge.

- The magical Ferris Wheel, where each cabin takes a family of 4 people, and

where prices start at 2.50€ for a 3-minute ride. This is the main attraction of the

market, so the waiting time is relatively long, but it is well worth it to get to the

top of the Ferris wheel and have the amazing view over the market and the

whole illuminated Eduardo VII park.

Cascais Christmas Village (until 1st January)

A market located in the Marechal Carmona Park, further away from the centre

of Lisbon but well worth the trip for its huge variety of activities and experiences.

Entrance is paid, tickets start at 8 euros and can be purchased online.

In this market, the centre of attention are the activities offered. Portugal is a

traditionally Catholic country and the Cascais Christmas Village brings together

in a single space the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the adorable figure of

Santa Claus. The nativity scene is spread all over the enclosure and there are

various characters that stroll around the market, such as Mary and Joseph or

the Three Magi. There is also Santa’s House and an Enchanted Forest where

children can pet real reindeer and leave their wish letters in Santa's special


Also at the Cascais Christmas Village, it is possible to experience the magic of

Christmas in Lisbon with multiple activities: riding on the Giant Mini-Roda,

sliding on the ice-skating rink, or watching shows performed by Santa's elves.

(until 6th January)

This market is held in the Terreiro Rainha Dona Amélia, next to the Sintra

National Palace, every day between 10am and 7pm.

In addition to the typical stalls offering regional products, such as the famous

Queijadas de Sintra, there is also a strong emphasis on lighting that awakens

the Christmas spirit in anyone. Around the large Christmas tree on display,

there are plenty of activities to entertain the younger ones (such as games and

workshops) and various characters that cannot be missed at this time of year,

such as Santa’s elves, reindeer and also Snowmen. We recommend ending

your trip to Sintra at this market, as the whole family will be able to enjoy the

food, the activities and the incredible decoration of lights all over this square.

Free Events to enjoy Christmas in Lisbon

Lisbon has numerous events happening in every nook and cranny and

sometimes it becomes difficult to know what to do in such a short amount of

time. Here, we suggest some Christmas concerts and cinema sessions that you

will certainly love and want to repeat (and they are all free events!).

We couldn't help but start with the most obvious, the Christmas illuminations.

The lights are usually switched on around 6pm and what follows is a relatively

simple route to enjoy the magical lights of Christmas in Lisbon. Start at 6pm in

Largo Camões. Cross over to Chiado and walk down Rua Garrett to Armazéns

do Chiado. Turn left, towards Rossio. From Rossio, walk along Rua Augusta

until you reach Praça do Comércio, where the largest Christmas tree in the city

is located. How long does it take? It will depend on your mobile phone's battery.

Get ready to take hundreds of photos. Most of this route is exclusively

pedestrian, so you can walk around freely and let yourself go with the Christmas

spirit in Lisbon. But there are many more free Christmas activities in Lisbon. We

have selected several, with totally different styles. Remember that free activities

are very popular so try to book your tickets as early as possible.

Christmas Concert at São Vicente de Fora Church. In anticipation of the feast of

the birth of Christ, São Vicente de Fora Church will resound with Christmas

music from different periods, through the voices of Patrycja Gabrel and Carolina

Figueiredo and the magnificent historic João Fontanes de Maqueira organ

(1765), played by João Vaz. December the 10th at 5 pm.

"Christmas Tapes" - an event to be done in family, led by São Jorge Cinema.

Several Christmas films will be shown, which are not so well known by the

younger generation but which will certainly create memories for life. The

sessions are always at 11 AM and the tickets, to guarantee access, should be

picked up on the spot:

- December the 17th: The Muppets Christmas Carol;

- December the 18th: How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

The Nutcracker - a Christmas classic to watch with the family, which will be

conducted by a string quintet to play the sweet melodies of Tchaikovsky. It will

be presented at 4 pm at São Jorge Cinema, with free admission, but you must

pick up your tickets on the day.

Christmas Show with the group Shout! On December the 15th at 9:30pm at Luz


Christmas Show with a Gospel Group - São Bartolomeu Church in Beato

presents, on December the 18th at 5 pm, a Christmas show conducted by the

Soul Gospel Project group. This show merges traditional Christmas carols with

the sound of Soul, Blues, Jazz and R&B styles. Admission is free and we

guarantee it is an experience not to be missed.

Classical Christmas Concert at São João de Brito Church, with the participation

of several choirs. December the 18th at 3pm.

What if you want to know Lisbon and its secrets?

Although we have presented you with a complete guide on what to do during

Christmas in Lisbon, there are places, stories and secrets that only a true

inhabitant of the city can share like no one else. So, to finish, we invite you to

join one of our Free Tours, which you can book through our website. Besides

getting to know Lisbon in a deeper way, you will also have the opportunity to

live the Christmas spirit in an unforgettable way.

Come join us in the most wonderful time of the year. Come join our Christmas in

Lisbon spirit.

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